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Barbara Ehrentreu  Poetry PageSandy Berris’ poem Caught On Camera has been selected for a forthcoming anthology commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Her poem’s persona takes the tragedy into his/her own hands with a positive twist of imagination.  The anthology is edited by Suffolk County’s first female poet laureate, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan.

This July, Barbara Ehrentreu had the honor of being the featured in The Poetry Page at the Norwalk Library where she was interviewed and presented three of her poems. 

Ellen Hackl Fagan’s exhibition “Seeing Red” officially opens August 30 and runs thru Sept 26, however, she will open ODETTA (64 W. 127th St, #1) for Pen Women after the Monumental Women* installation on Wednesday, August Red Ellen Hackl Fagan26.

Ellen requests that you make an appointment and observe social distancing and wear masks. There will be no reception or bathroom access.

*After meeting Coline Jenkins at a live PW event, several PW had voiced an interest in attending the Monumental Women installation, NYC, Central Park on August 26th. This installation honors the 100th anniversary of the ratification of US 19th constitutional amendment and Monumental Women: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth. Due to Covid-19, attendance in the park will be very limited. There is no “group meeting”. Those interested in attending will do so on their own.

Doris Mady has had Flower Farm and Highest accepted into the Rowayton Community Arts show. The show is LIVE at the gallery (145 Rowayton Avenue) until August 2

Doris Mady
Lee Paine

Lee Paine
's large-scale (42" x 30") Fine Art Cell Phone Photograph on Canvas with Paint, Early Spring Sunset #3, has been selected for the curated exhibition, About Women, opening Wednesday, July 29, at the Lockwood Matthews Mansion Museum in Norwalk. The exhibition, in collaboration with the Silvermine Arts Center, features selected works by female members of the Silvermine Guild of Artists, and highlights their diverse directions in subject matter and media and their contributions to contemporary art. 

This show, which marks the physical reopening of LMMM’s galleries, celebrates women’s artistic contributions as they are finding their voices and making an impact throughout the professional world. The exhibition will run through Sunday, January 3, 2021. Admission to the exhibition will be included with the purchase of a tour ticket and be subject to museum tour schedules and rules. 

Adrienne Reedy has been featured in the third part of a series written by Lila Kepner for WRed Ellen Hackl Faganilton’s newspaper, Good Morning Wilton. Titled “Examining Wilton’s History: Racial Inequity, Justice, and Activism -- Part 3: One Family’s Story”, you can read it by clicking on this link.

Roberta Seret recently signed the contract for her Transylvanian Trilogy. Publication date for all three books will be Feb 1, 2021.


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If you are stuck on a scene, write ADD MORE HERE and move on to a scene you want to write. The important thing is to keep writing. ~~ Sarah Darer Littman

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Stasha Healy is excited to announce that she has a contract to write "Secret Connecticut: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure." She's in the research phase now (feel free to send suggestion to her email!); the book is expected to be published in spring 2021.

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