About Us

Greenwich Pen Women is a non-profit organization of professional artists, writers, and composers.  The members participate in writers’ workshops and artists’ critique sessions as well as educational programs during the year.  The members offer mutual support and encouragement to each other during the creative process. The Greenwich Pen Women, founded in 1955, is a branch of the National League of American Pen Women.   

The Owl Award is presented annually to a member for her outstanding talent and achievements in her field and in recognition and appreciation of her service to the community and to her fellow Pen Women members.  Past winners are:

1990, Betty Coughlin; 1991, Margaret Kane; 1992, Corrine Nordmann and Constance Walton; 1993, Marie Schwartz; 1994, Betsy Pearson; 1995, Elizabeth Lauer and Margaret Mills; 1996, Carla Wallach; 1997, Liana Moonie;  1999, Evelyn Peterson; 2002, Sandra Berris; 2003, Fran Brooks; 2005, Rev. Anita Keire; 2006, Libby Collins; 2007, Joanne Dearcopp; 2008, Mary Noble Branch and Sylvia Felcyn; 2009, Joyce French; 2010, Kathleen DiGiovanna; 2011, Ann Caron; 2012, Barbara O’Shea; 2013, Claudia Dumschat; 2014, Marie Amoruso, Ed.D.; 2015, Catherine Stahl; 2016, Arlene Mark; 2017, Julie Dolphin; 2018, Margaret Esme Simon; 2019, Sarah Darer Littman; 2020, Ellen Hackl Fagan; 2021, Joyce DiCamillo; 2022, Lee Paine; Lynn Garelick.