January 13, 2021, Wednesday, 10:30 AM, Virtual
Workshop: Writing Your Memories
Leaders Cathy Horn and Diane Morello
Do you have life stories only you can tell? Moments of love, joy, courage, fear or compassion that set the direction of your life? This 90-minute writing workshop, led by Cathy Horn and Diane Morello, will get you thinking about which of your life stories are worth capturing and polishing as memory pieces. This virtual workshop will be conducted only once, so if it sounds interesting, grab a slot on the waiting list. Contact

January 25, 2021, Monday, 7 PM, Virtual
Book Discussion: What Unites Is: Reflections on Patriotism
Written by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner
Facilitator Diane Morello
Join Greenwich Pen Women and Perrot Memorial Library on January 25 as we launch our first 2021 book discussion on What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism. Rather and Kirschner examine patriotism through the lenses of freedom, community, exploration, responsibility and character. Come prepared for a civil adult conversation about America and bring your favorite passages. Reserve or buy What Unites Us today.

The Greenwich Branch of NLAPW offers educational opportunities for our members through our programs. The public is invited to participate in our community outreach programs. 

Work-in-Progress Meetings

Members in the same discipline share their work with each other. Members are notified of time and location via email. If you are interested in attending the critique meeting of another discipline, please contact the chairperson of that group.

First Friday of the month, 10 AM – noon via Zoom. All submissions must be received by Sunday, the week before. Directions will be sent with submissions.

The next Art critique: Karen Heffner continues to offer one on one critiques through emailed images with written critique and comments.


Members meeting times and location will be confirmed in advance via email. Music Committee Chair: Adrienne Reedy.

Board of Directors Meetings

Mondays at 5 PM:  January 11, March 8, and May 10, 2021. BOD meetings take place quarterly. All members are welcome. Confirmations are emailed to board members prior to each meeting.


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