Program Meetings for Members and Community

The Greenwich Branch of NLAPW offers educational opportunities for our members through our programs. The public is invited to participate in our community outreach programs. Diane Morello is program chair for the 2019–2020 series.

Work-in-Progress Meetings

Members in the same discipline share their work with each other. Members are notified of time and location via email. If you are interested in attending the critique meeting of another discipline, please contact the chairperson of that group.

No Letters meeting the month of August.

Members meet from 2 - 4 pm on the first Thursday of the month. However, no Letters meeting will be held this month.

If you like, manuscripts-in-progress may also be shared via email. During these meetings, ideas are exchanged, new projects are encouraged, ongoing works are critiqued, as we guide and support each other through the publishing process. Meeting locations are confirmed via email. Leigh Grant and Rosemarie Anner will chair the sessions.

The August Arts critique is scheduled for Wednesday August 14th from 2 – 4 pm at Dana Goodfellow’s home. Karen will send out email reconfirming date and time. 

Members meeting times and location will be confirmed in advance via email. Claudia Dumschat and Julie Dolphin will chair the sessions.

Board of Directors Meetings

BOD meetings take place quarterly. All members are welcome. Confirmations are emailed to board members prior to each meeting.

Be sure to look at Member News for further events.