Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

a photographic rendering by GPW, Diane Morello,
Binney At Its Best by Catherine Stahl




"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."

~ ~ ~ L. M. Montgomery

Note from our President:

Dear Greenwich Pen Women,

Here we are in mid-May, 2020, just as spring is bursting into its full glory, finding ourselves in a world-wide pandemic, something none of us could have even imagined in early January, but we have adapted and held our first Zoom Annual Meeting! We thanked Sarah Littman and her board for two wonderful years of leadership, and Sarah handed me the gavel virtually as I became the next President of the Greenwich Pen Women. And now I am looking to our future!

You have a wonderful board already working on your behalf. Leigh Grant, both VP and Co-Letters Chair with Rosemarie Anner; Doris Mady, both Treasurer and Website Goddess; Kathy DiGiovanna, both Corresponding Secretary and Art Committee Chair; Barbara Ehrentreu, both Recording Secretary and Public Facebook Page editor, and Joyce French as our Parliamentarian. But we are lacking a Co-Treasurer to track member dues and provide member details to National.

For Standing Committees, besides the Art and Letters Chairs, mentioned above, New Member Adrienne Reedy will be our Music Chair! Sarah Littman has kindly agreed to be our Social Media Manager, to fulfill her desire help us use social media to amplify each other’s work, and Joanne Dearcopp will do our private Facebook page. But we really need a Public Relations person to lead this team!

Sally Fine will again serve as our Membership Chair. But we are lacking an Historian in this historic year when what is written about us, by our Historian, will be archived at the Greenwich Historical Society! We can’t miss this opportunity!

And we are lacking a Program Chair to give direction and meaning to all we do!

Thinking ahead to our programs, however, we already have some wonderful things on our schedule! Special kudos to Leigh Grant and Rosemarie Anner for sustaining their active Letters Group into June and to Karen Heffner for reaching out continually to the Art Critique Group.

Save Wednesday, July 8th for our virtual PW Open Mic Night at 7 PM, thanks to Diane Morello. More details to come from Diane, who also has positioned us to have a September Virtual Lecture with Dr. Jan Yager, author of How to Self Publish Your Book, which I highly recommend! Thank you, Diane, for these and other PW programs that had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, and which we hope to reschedule!

We’re also introducing our new, one a month, PW Summer Virtual Creative Conversations, beginning in June and going through August! We’re looking forward to hearing brief descriptions from all of you on what artistic projects you are working on or thinking about. You’ll receive email invitations when the dates are set! But we do need hosts for our Open Mic and creative conversations!

In the fall, we can also look forward to a Memoir Group that Diane Morello and Cathy Horn are planning during the summer.

That said, however, in order to have those programs, please know that the board still needs your help to fill open board and committee positions. We hope to improve our public relations, build more collaborative connections with other community organizations, attract more new members, and get more of you actively involved in internal outreach during this period of social isolation.

How will you help us to have a wonderful year? We are creatives – we all feed off the creative energy we generate when we are together. We need each other to help enrich our artistic lives! Please send me an email at with your offer of help and any ideas and suggestions you’d like to share.

For our programs and on-line social times together for this upcoming year, we’ll need to be flexible, while we are in still in a pandemic mode, because of the many variables we will be dealing with. And that will just fine - we’ll plan our programs, we’ll carry them out to the best of our ability, and we’ll see what happens! The element of surprise in the Zoom environment can produce some delightful and amusing memories!

Let’s take this time ahead of us, in the coming summer and fall, as an opportunity to do things as a group of which we’ll be proud, long after 2020 is a distant memory. We are creatives – our gifts lie in imagining and outwardly expressing our ideas. This is our chance to rise above, to reach out, and to create. Let’s build a whole library of new literary, musical and creative works of art, with poetry, stories, songs, symphonies, paintings and photographs that will transcend the today we are living now. Please be safe and well!

~ ~ ~ Lee Paine

Lee Paine

GPW President Lee Paine

2020 Annual Meeting via Zoom

prayer in the time of pandemic

Spotlight: Deb Hirsch, WriterDeb Hirsch, Writer

Deborah, or Deb as she prefers to be called, is an award-winning free-lance writer. Frequently appearing as an op-ed writer in Hearst Connecticut Media, most recently penning a story about surviving her son’s first year of college (May 10, 2020), she has also worked in the corporate world as an Internet content provider for IBM on topics like hardware and software, and her favorite, the dotcoms, before they collapsed.

She is currently working on a memoir about being a mom to a freshman in college while she is collecting Social Security. The book is also about learning how to feel like a real mom when you need to find an alternate way to get pregnant.

Deborah has spent years as an award-winning journalist at Hearst Connecticut Media, the Syracuse Post-Standard,, and Healthy Living.

She is a Stamford native, product of the Stamford Public Schools, who attended five different elementary schools while living in the same house, to which she attributes her affinity for change and challenge.

A graduate of the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse, she wrote herfirst book at five (if you can understand some words that might look unfamiliar).

Her first wish was to be a novelist and she had a book considered by Deb Futter, a top editor at the time at Riverhead. She has now switched to non-fiction, where her writing comes out better.

A two-time breast cancer survivor, she is very active in the health field and loves writing about it. She runs two miles a day (slowly) and that’s where most of her ideas come from.


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