Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Lake Reflections by Deb Weir

Prepping for Halloween by GPW, Andy Rogers


"Sweet October, fill with praise / Rich and glowing as thy days / Every poet's heartfelt lays."

~ ~ Caroline May

Note from our President:

Dear Greenwich Pen Women,

CONGRATULATIONS TO US! Since we were founded in 1955, that means that this is the GPW'S 65th year! Your Board has voted to hold an official celebration, if it is possible, at our Annual Meeting, which, we optimistically think we will be able to hold in person.

How would you like to celebrate this important anniversary? Please share your ideas with our board members and volunteer to serve on the committee to create this landmark event. Please email me with your offers of help. Let's party!!

Saturday, September 19, from 1 - 2:30 PM, Dr. Jan Yager presented How to Self-Publish Your Own Book, our eagerly anticipated virtual program, which was cosponsored and hosted by the Cos Cob Library. It was very successful, and she has forwarded a supplemental publishing guide to those who attended.

Good News! You’re going to have another chance to participate in our GPW Lip Sync/Social, to celebrate Ida Angland’s poem/composition “Daunting is the Woman!” We held Round 1 on Tuesday, September 15th, and it really was fun, but due to the fact that several members were unable to get into our meeting to participate, and the fact that I was unsuccessful in completing the video recording part, we are going to do it again! Ida’s on board with it, and everyone will again be invited to join. Date to be announced!

Tuesday, September 29, at 7 PM - Greenwich Reads Together and the Greenwich Pen Women present a Zoom Book Discussion. American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins. Facilitated by Kathleen DiGiovanna of the Greenwich Pen Women. Link to the book discussion meeting -

Date to be announced for a Zoom Reading of GPW Original Poems, Articles and Essays in Celebration of the Suffragists’ 100th Anniversary and the unveiling of the Suffragists' monument in Central Park. Barbara Ehrentreu will host. You will receive an emailed Zoom invitation, with an RSVP to Barbara if you have material that you would like to present.

Date to be announced for a GPW Zoom Poetry Reading from Women’s Voices of the 21st Century, a book of poetry published in 2013 by our own GPW branch. Poets will be invited to sign up to read their own work. This will be recorded and archived by the GPW and free copies of the book will be offered to all GPA members who request them from former GPW President Deb Weir, who spearheaded the project, and who has graciously taken back the remaining PW poetry books to her home.  Members may also request copies to donate to institutions.

Monday, October 19th, from 1 - 2:15 PM, the GPW presents Music: The New Normal - Where are We Now and Where are We Going? Featuring our 6 music members, we will hear how profoundly our music community has been affected by the pandemic. This will be a fascinating program which includes some performances. You may invite guests interested in joining PW. You will receive a Zoom invitation to this event.

Monday, October 26, at 7 PM - Greenwich Reads Together and the Greenwich Pen Women present a Zoom Book Discussion. Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. Facilitated by Adrienne Reedy of the Greenwich Pen Women.

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Link to the book discussion meeting -
Members interested in doing on-line GPW Zoom interviews or individual presentations - Barbara Ehrentreu has volunteered to come up with interview guidelines. These interviews or presentations can be done by appointment – contact Leigh Grant to videotape sessions 30 minutes or less or Lee Paine for sessions 30 to 90 minutes long. These will be recorded live, with no alterations or deletions, and then archived for our members.

The GPW Board approved holding a first-ever Online Holiday Bazaar in our Pen Women Postings Section of our Newsletter. Any original art work, 8" x 12" or smaller, hand made goods, including baked goods made to order, books that you have published, etc., can be listed free of charge by members. Sale and delivery details to be concluded privately by the "posting member" and the "purchaser." Photos of the items for sale may be submitted, and prices must be listed, along with the email of the listing member. Posting regulations, including word limits, may be found in the Pen Women Postings section of the GPW newsletter. Send your postings to Doris Mady at

Please stay safe and well!

~ ~ Lee

Lee Paine

GPW President Lee Paine

Spotlight: Roberta Seret

When I was a college student in France, my greatest pleasure was Wednesday evenings when the University of Nice turned out its lights and became a ciné club. From the projector’s magic lantern came images from filmmakers around the globe, and I was transposed to worlds far beyond my imagination. For the first time, my mind opened to unknown languages and various subjects in law, medicine, science, politics and so much more. I was excited to learn and travel far from my limits.

Roberta SeretUpon returning to the United States, I promised myself that I would one day try to recreate the same experience for other students. For what better medium is there than film to teach visual learners about the world and human feelings?

That opportunity came to me strangely on the morning of 9/11 when I was starting a new job – teaching English to foreign diplomats at the United Nations. On that fateful day, I was traumatized but also determined to create a “Global Classroom” where students could ask questions about hotspots around the world. What could be a better classroom than the U.N. where Ambassadors could become professors and foreign film could become the catalyst? For the past twenty years, I have been hosting students to learn about global issues as human rights, cross cultural affairs and current events. The goal is to offer a multi-faceted approach, a hybrid form of education to encourage analysis, synthesis and discussion.

For a picture is worth a thousand words.

As I was screening films for my students, I wondered if I could transpose what I was doing with film to the written word and create another hybrid form of storytelling. Could I make facts more exciting by mixing fictional elements? Could I make fiction more meaningful by blending political events into the narrative?

Inspired by my students, I went on to fuse politics and real people with fictitious characters. I blended facts with fiction and used storytelling techniques from journalism, drama, satire, thriller, history, and romance. I included maps and photos into the narrative to clarify up-to-date international intrigue. Under the guise of fiction, I asked questions of why and how and put the answers into the dialogue of fictitious characters. My goal was to reveal truths by using poetic license – a deliberate ruse. 

This hybrid approach offers a genre fluidity that moves and changes, leading the reader from one chapter to the next as the narrative flows. The reader travels along and becomes part of the narrative’s freedom.


Reminder from Doris

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