Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Corner Chair
by Heather Sandifier

"November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.”

--Clyde Watson

Note from our President:

It finally feels like fall— and it’s about time.

Pen Women are so busy in November we’ll definitely be keeping warm!

First up on November 6th at Sarah’s house (email her to RSVP and for the address) we’re holding a workshop to get you set up on Google Groups on your device. Take a break from your getting out the vote efforts. It shouldn’t take more than an hour, depending on how many people attend. We’re happy to hold another workshop at a later date, but it will have to be after Sarah gets her book done.

The Letters group will be meeting on November 8th at 2 pm, at the home of Anita Keire, 108 Butternut Hollow Road, Greenwich.

The big news this month is the opening of our show Creative Women: Artists of the Greenwich Pen Women at the Bendheim Gallery on the 15th, kicking off with a Pen Women-led discussion of the Greenwich Reads title Code Girls at 6 - 8 pm that evening. The show’s opening reception is on Sunday, November 18th from 2 - 4 pm.

The first of what we hope will be several discussions on creativity throughout this year will be The Creative Process on Thursday, December 6th at 7 pm.

Earlier that day, we’ll celebrate the season at the annual Holiday Lunch at The Field Club of Greenwich from 11:30 am - 2 pm and honor an art member with The Owl Award.

Be sure to check out Member News to see what your fellow members have been up to.

Wishing you a creative November and a Happy Thanksgiving.

~ ~ Sarah and Leigh