Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Lake Reflections by Deb Weir
Lake Reflections by Deb Weir


" A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken."

~ ~ James Dent

Note from our President:

July 13, 2020

Dear Pen Women,
Today we had our second virtual Summer Creative Conversation, and it was both delightful and productive. It is so enjoyable to spend time with those who can attend!

I announced some good news! The Bruce Museum is interested in collaborating with us on a virtual program in either March or April, having to do with art, we hope. We’ll be holding a Zoom meeting with Museum staff at the end of July.

Then we talked about some new ideas - I followed up on Diane Morello’s idea for encouraging our members to give 60-90 minute prepared webinars on a variety of topics, with one or more participants, which we would video live and archive afterwards for our members to enjoy. I did a poll of the eight attendees besides me on what topics might be the most popular for the webinars. You’ll see the results below, the topic first, with two numbers after it --- the first is the number who voted for the topic; the second is the eight people who were voting.

Most popular webinar topics – Teaching/discussing a topic, 7/8; Professional insider advice, 7/8; Specific skills demonstrations – how to do something. 5/8.

We then talked about Leigh Grant’s idea to do 30-minute video presentations, perhaps interviews or live solo presentations by members; these videos would also be archived. It was agreed that interviews, particularly in the 30-minute format, really need structure to be done well, so Jo Dutcher and Barbara Ehrentreu agreed to work on a template that interviewers could use for the videos.

Most popular 30-minute video topics – PW Reminiscences – 8/8; Original short stories and poems – 8/8; Original art work with commentary – 7/8; Mindsets – talking about where your creativity comes from – 6/8. It’s a technically small sample, but helpful, none the less. Please consider if you would like to do either a webinar or 30-minute video and then please be sure to join the next Summer Creative Conversation on Monday, August 10, at 1 PM, when we’ll begin to look at how we’ll do them and who will do them first. Look for your emailed invitation.

I hope you are all individually enjoying the best of this summer’s weather and getting some peaceful time to yourself, while we can still feel relatively safe in this little corner of our big country.

~ ~ Lee

Lee Paine

GPW President Lee Paine

Spotlight: Mary Dwyer Mary Dwyer

Mary Dwyer was born in Bridgeport, CT. Her studio is in the historic American Fabrics Building in Bridgeport where cuny lace was once made. Mary has exhibited at Museums and galleries including The New Britain Museum of American Art in CT, Noyes Museum in New Jersey, ODETTA Gallery, New York, Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex CT, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, New York, The Institute Library, New Haven CT, Artspace, New Haven, CT, and London design show honoring Frank Lloyd Wright. Mary has been featured in Art New England Magazine March/April 2020 issue in the Studio Visit column. Her work is in the Flat Files at Melanie Carr Gallery and is listed on line by ODETTA 1st dibs. She is a recipient of Connecticut Artist Fellowship Grant. Her paintings are in the collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Mary Dwyer’s work is based in history, drawing and storytelling. The inspiration for Mary’s work revolves around historic events, a love of political cartoons and early portraiture paintings. An integral part of this practice is research. Quite often while researching subject matter for her paintings, inaccuracies and duplicities of names, dates and half-told stories are found. Spurred by an innate curiosity and interest in social justice, she creates political, and personal paintings. In the last few years, she has been researching and painting works on journalist, free press and the American Suffrage movement.

Contact Information:
Instagram @and_now_its_history

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