Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Note from our President:

photo credit:
Catherine Stahl

"May, and among the miles of leafing,
blossoms storm out of the darkness—. "
-Mary Oliver

On Thursday, April 26, a number of us attended “Tea and the Arts” at the beautiful home of GPW member, Sally Fine, in Darien. There, we were treated to an array of talent that left us awed and prouder yet of our Letters, Music, and Arts members. On the mantle were lovely member photographs. Letters member, Kay Langan, read poems and essays from her memoir that had us wistful one minute and laughing heartily the next. Margaret Mills played Bach with passion and precision on Sally’s perfectly tuned grand piano. And Julie Dolphin, motivated by a previous GPW meeting, played original compositions inspired by X J Kennedy and Fredrico Garcia Lorca, while singing their poems to us. All in all, it was a magical afternoon. Thank you Catherine Stahl for your planning and Sally Fine for hosting and opening your home to us.

The event was a perfect program on which to end my tenure as your president and to thank Marcia Hamilton for all her help as vice president. I would also like to thank my wonderful board. You have been fun as well as productive, and we made life-long friends!

This website is the appropriate place to give special thanks to my ghost writer of these charming “Notes From Our President.” Jean Moore makes us all look good on this website with her poetic introduction every month and a lovely photograph. Her artistic eye, knowledge of poetry, and patience with our last minute updates have been critical to the success of this site. Our webmistress in Hawaii, Carolyn Majewski, makes it all happen. I am deeply indebted to you both!

And last, be sure to mark your calendars for Monday, May 7, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., when Arlene Mark will open her lovely home once again to host the next annual meeting. At that time we will welcome our officers for the 2018-2020 term.

Until then, with all best wishes,
Marcia and Deb

President Deb Weir and Vice President Marcia Hamilton
(Photo by Libby Collins)