Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Edging at Tod’s Point by Andy Rogers

Edging at Tod’s Point by Andy Rogers


The leaves have fallen to the ground
With rustling sound so soft.
Soon winter will come marching in,
With leaden skies aloft.
Bright autumn hues of red & gold
Have faded to dull brown,
But soon an ermine mantle,
Will cover all the ground,
These precious days we'll treasure,
When winter's in full bloom,
The memories of our golden times,
Will banish all the gloom.
~~~ Ardenelle M. Mason

Note from our President:

Dear Greenwich Pen Women,

I love the word “new,” don’t you? By that I mean “new” as in “new opportunities,” not “new” as in “novel Corona virus;” however, we do have COVID to thank in some ways for the new experiences we have been creating for ourselves since the pandemic began.

I’m happy to report that we have had a wonderful October, bristling with new virtual activities, and the month is not over yet, as I am writing this letter to you on 10.20.2020! I can promise that November will be equally as engaging. Please put all the future dates below on your calendar so you won’t miss anything! We have had excellent attendance at our recent offerings:

Completed in October:

“Music – The New Normal – Where are We Now and Where are We Going?” This was such a moving and powerful program, that we are now going to offer it to other organizations. Presenters were Adrienne Reedy, Music Chair, Ida Angland, Claudia Dumschat, Julie Dolphin, Joyce DiCamillo and Lee Paine. There were 27 in attendance, who heard how profoundly the pandemic has devasted all musicians, but how cleverly many are learning new skills and performing in extraordinary ways. A future taping of this program will be archived for all members to enjoy.

GPW Virtual Poetry Reading session, featured GPW member poets, Judy Crystal, Arlene Mark, Deborah Weir, Marcia Clay Hamilton, Barbara Ehrentreu, Leigh Grant, Lee Paine, Valerie Stauffer, Joyce French and Nancy Burke, reading their own poems published in the 2013 GPW book, Women's Voices of the 21st Century: Experiences That Shape Women. Six of former member Kay Langan's poems were also read as a tribute to her. This meeting was videotaped and will be offered for viewing in the future.

The 17 attendees enjoyed the gathering so much, that Poet/Member Barbara Ehrentreu, who organized this event, agreed to continue hosting virtual poetry reading sessions in the future for our branch, to our great joy and gratitude!

To be completed in October before publication of this letter: Monday, October 26, at 7 PM - Greenwich Reads Together and the Greenwich Pen Women present a Zoom Book Discussion. Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. Facilitated by Adrienne Reedy of the Greenwich Pen Women.



Monday, November 16, at 5:30 PM, one of our five scheduled program meetings for the year:

The Greenwich Historical Society Hosts the GPW for a special virtual tour of the newly renovated GHS Archives
, with a special eye to things that will be interesting to writers, poets, photographers and all curious, imaginative people. A RSVP link to the meeting will be sent.

NEW! Our Holiday Bazaar - On our website go to the “Member News” page, then scroll down to our “Pen Women Postings”, to see our Holiday Bazaar, which already has several member-created art/crafts goods for private sale to you, and where YOU may post things you would like to sell. What a wonderful place to shop from home for your loved ones and find original creations as well as commissions, sold person to person, and not through the GPW.

To be Scheduled in November or the Spring:

Date still to be scheduled for a Zoom Reading of GPW Original Poems, Articles and Essays in Celebration of the Suffragists’ 100th Anniversary and the unveiling of the Suffragists' monument in Central Park.


NEW! Writing Your Memories Virtual Workshop, January 13, 10:30 AM-noon, being offered only to GPW members by GPW members, Cathy Horn and Diane Morello. The 90-minute virtual workshop will be conducted only once, so if this sounds interesting, reserve one of the 12 spots today. More details on the GPW Calendar. Contact Diane Morello at  Visit her website:

NEW! THE GPW EXPRESSIONS GALLERY - In January, 2021, we will be starting a new feature in our newsletter called The GPW Expressions Gallery.

The purpose of creating our new GPW Expressions Gallery is to encourage the mingling and contrast of concepts, constructs and conversation. Each month “The Gallery” will have a different theme. There will be no judgements, just sharing.

We encourage you to submit work in any (or all) of our 3 disciplines. We envision a beautiful gallery of art work enhanced by all the other forms of written words and music, which will change monthly. Please start gathering your ideas now for our January Theme: "The One That Got Away," and our February Theme: "How I Became Me." Find more details on the GPW Calendar. Submissions for January to, no later than Dec. 20th.

We look forward to sharing these new creative experiences together. Please stay safe and well, until we meet virtually again!


Lee Paine

GPW President Lee Paine

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