Greenwich Pen Women, a branch of the National League of American Pen Women, is a non-profit organization of women artists, writers, and musicians. We offer mutual support and exchange of ideas to encourage and inspire excellence in original creative work.

Morning’s Lovely Song by GPW’s Adrienne Reedy
A token of his love by GPW Linda Hortick



I thought that spring must last forevermore; For I was young and loved, and it was May.
~ ~ Vera Brittain


Note from our President:

As you read this, the GPW will have just finished one of the busiest months in our recent history, with our Virtual Art Tour at the Bruce Museum, featuring Bruce Staffer Corinne Flax and member/docent Lynn Garelick, on April 19th; the launch of our virtual GPW Poetry Group, led by member/poet Barbara Ehrentreu, on the 21st; our Perrot Library/GPW virtual Book Group Discussion, with member/facilitator/field biologist Laurie Heiss, on the 26th, and the launch of our first virtual Pop-Up Program, featuring GPW member/Art Team Co-Chair, Ellen Fagan, on the 28th. The board is delighted to have been able to bring you these activities during the Pandemic. We hope that you were able to attend several.

Please plan to attend our virtual Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 5th, at 7 PM, to support and thank your board for providing exceptional opportunities for you this year! After the meeting is concluded, we will socialize virtually in revolving break-out rooms – please fortify yourself with festive libations and food - and enjoy meeting new members and catching up with friends! It will be fun! And please remember that the GPW 65th Anniversary has been put off until the fall, so the Annual Meeting is the time to catch up with everyone!

Thank you to all members who paid their dues in a timely fashion, and thank you to Sally Fine, Membership/C0-Treasurer, and Doris Mady for collecting and disbursing them as required by our By-Laws!

An excellent idea, realized – Recently, Art members Ellen Fagan, Heather Sandifer, Margaret Simon, Barbara O’Shea and Connie Stancell, proposed to our board an idea which may help to transform the way we, locally, and we, nationally, engage our membership, create more meaningful activities for our members, and, most importantly, attract new members!

Knowing that we have had no active Art Chairs on our board this past year, this group of 5 offered to fill the 2 Art Chair positions on the board by working as a team, rotating the Art Chair responsibilities, and sending just 2 of the group to each of the Board meetings, as the other disciplines have the right to do. They’re excited about working together and combining ideas from their different artistic practices to plan meaningful Art programs for our chapter. And their proposal excited your Board!

Working carefully within our By-Laws structure, realizing that this will set a precedent that we perceive could have many benefits for our organization, our Board approved their proposal in on-line voting. The “titular” Art Co-Chairs will be Ellen and Heather, with the other team members accepting equal responsibilities. The Board recognizes the strength of this new proposal, the investment the Art team is making in our GPW chapter, and the potential for their actions and activities to attract new members! We thank them all for their creative thinking and generosity in bringing their idea to the board.

What creative ideas do you have for filling the rest of these open positions on the board? Who would you like to work with to cover GPW Programs/Hospitality, PR/Social Media, Membership/Co-Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and or Parliamentarian?

Please send me an email and offer to help in any one of these positions for our next program year, or call a fellow member you’d enjoy working with, and invite her to join you serving on GPW’s wonderful board.

We can do this! With more creative thinking and role models like our “Art 5 Team,” we can reinvent ourselves, fill our vacant board positions, re-energize our membership, and we can be a model for National and for other chapters who at imminent risk of folding. Do you feel the energy flow?
Please send me an email soon with your ideas or call me at 203-637-3764!

Thank you,


Lee Paine

GPW President Lee Paine

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