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October 2021 Theme: What Makes Me Happy 

Ida Angland, (Artistic Director, Music Director and Conductor of the Gateway Orchestra and the New York Grand Opera Orchestra), is happiest when performing. Thus, she is sharing this uplifting vimeo of the last concert she conducted before the pandemic as a "little gift" to the Greenwich Pen Women! This concert, which runs about an hour and a half, which she suggests is, "a musician's version of an artist's painting," is given only to Pen Women with specific permission to view it. Ida says, " I hope it will add a little something special to your day when you listen to it." 

The password is penwomen, all lower case.  Here is the link to the video:

What Makes Me Happy --

Barbara Ehrentreu

Treat me like fine china
Cherish me and keep me safe
Shower kindness roses over me
And shine me with your smiles

Let me wake each day to a peaceful scene
with my loved ones close by
Where writing is my center
And friends surround me
Bring me beautiful bouquets fresh each day
Let food be bountiful and savory
With plenty of chocolates everywhere

Speaking with people makes me happy
Writing makes me happy
and seeing people read it and
applaud it makes me the happiest,
because I only wrote it to make myself happy

And it would make me very happy
To see finally all people together as one
across the world to help our planet survive
and to stop the hatred between people
so all of us can live in peace no matter
what our background, ethnicity, affiliation,
sexual identity or who we love.

We are all humans, and it would make me
very happy to see all of us get along.

Copyright 2021 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Doris Mady --- Mondays with Jake

It’s Monday and Jake is coming to my house! 
Jake Soister is my nephew. He's also an actor, film writer/producer, and author.

In 2020, Jake like so many people lost his 3 jobs due COVID. Films weren’t being made, restaurants closed, etc. And whoever heard of an actor who wasn’t a waiter? Even that was drying up?!?!

Rather than give up, Jake turned to a childhood hobby: art. Always a superhero fan, so he started doing paintings for friends and family. Self-taught, he knew acrylic paints but had a few requests to do oils. I paint in oils so we set a day aside for him to come to my house and we'd explore oils.
Jake’s style is vastly different than mine…rather like the comic book art that he so loves. Private commissions are lining up. 

In time, the student becomes the teacher….and I have learned so much from him.  I’m so happy Monday is here!

Doris Mady

Lee Paine 9.15.21

Someone new is in my life -
he’s not quite what I expected,
but always liking differences,
I’m open to being redirected.

There are surprises for us both,
on almost a daily basis –
a couple have been close
to creating a domestic crisis.

His past remains a mystery;
mine, an open book -
his personality is large,
and he has a distinctive look.

His eyes are a little bulgy,
but his waist is very trim.
His feet are almost delicate
and his legs, longish and thin.

He is a senior citizen,
but he’s spry and very agile.
Loving, endearing, cuddly,
he jumps high, but is not fragile!

With black spots on his body,
chin whiskers and pointy ears,
he’s my new Rescue doggy
named Texie, and he’s a dear!

Very little can restrain him.
An escape artist is he,
but we make each other happy -
I love him, and he loves me!

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