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May Theme: What little-known painting, musical piece or literature stopped you in your tracks the 1st time you experienced it?

Doris Mady – I grew up in the days of McCall’s, Saturday Evening Post, and TIME magazines, so “my artists” were people really known as illustrators: Bernie Fuchs, Bob Peak, Norman Rockwell, and Mark English. My favorite, by far, was Mark English. Each month I would tear thru my magazines and study his work for hours! His career spanned over 60 years. As a young man he picked cotton, went to art school, and at the end of his life “retired” from illustration and focused on fine art paintings. Not only did he inspire me to go into art but I had the pleasure of working with him once. To me: all of these men were the true artists. But Mark was the best. Any of his paintings stopped in in my tracks.

Doris Mady- Mark English


Heather Sandifer – Vija Clemins’ Heater at the Whitney in 1964.


Margaret Esme Simon -- Le Colline Notre Dame Du Haut is a Catholic Church in Ronchamp, France designed by Le Corbusier.  It was built on a former pilgrimage site. I went there when I was 21. Without a car, my friend and I took a train from Geneva and then a bus and finally walked up the hill to the church. There was no one else there so we experienced it by ourselves. I felt as if I were in the presence of God in that chapel. If you have an opportunity to experience this building, it is worth a great effort; it is magical.


June Theme: How does art, music, or literature make the world a better place?

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